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Certificate in Veterans, Society, and Service

Certificate in Veterans, Society, and Service (18 credits)

Who are our military veterans? How and why do people choose to join the military and where does the desire to serve others come from? What is the experience of recruitment, training, service, and transition to civilian life? What are society’s obligations to veterans and families? How do they transition through education, health care, employment, and continued service? These are some of the big questions you’ll address in ASU’s new Certificate in Veterans, Society, and Service.

The 18-credit program is coordinated by the Office for Veteran and Military Academic Engagement (OVMAE), a leader nationally in the emerging academic field of veterans studies. Explore the history, representations, experiences, and culture of military service and veterans, from the perspectives of politics, business, journalism, psychology, law, sociology, higher education, and the arts and through the intersectional lenses of gender, race, ethnicity, and national identity. Learn to listen to, learn from, and serve veterans—as well as research and advocate for veterans and their families.

Excellent preparation for future professionals and current employees with government agencies, health care providers, non-profit and veteran organizations, and media industries.

Required Courses – 9 credits

  • VTS 301/HST 302 Veterans, Society, and Service: Experience of America’s Modern Wars
  • VTS/COM 302 Representations and Self-Representations of Veterans in the Media and the Arts
  • VTS 402 Undergraduate Research

Electives complementing your interests – 6 credits

Internship – 3 credits

  • VTS 484