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Message from the director

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Welcome to the Office for Veteran and Military Academic Engagement

The Office for Veteran and Military Academic Engagement welcomes all military veterans among our students, alumni, staff and faculty, as well as their dependents and friends to take part in our many programs and activities—all designed to foster greater understanding between the military and civilian cultures and values in the setting of a large public university. 

Veterans are invited to share their experiences of military service through oral histories, creative writing, the arts and humanities more broadly, as well as other forms of expression and communication. By listening to our veterans, we seek to connect them with other students and faculty not only to help raise awareness of the challenges our veterans face in returning to civilian life, but also to help us as a society to integrate our returning veterans and to learn from their models of public service.

The office is dedicated to helping our veterans and their families succeed at Arizona State University by finding the best ways to integrate their experiences into our classrooms and laboratories, and where possible, to empower veterans as teachers. 

We are exploring with faculty, staff, and students how we can all benefit from the many qualities that our veterans bring to the university, among them: leadership skills and team work experience, familiarity with cultures and societies beyond our borders, discipline and tenacity in challenging situations, maturity and a sense of service to one’s fellow human beings. We aim to offer a broad array of programs to address the needs of a very diverse veteran population whose life experience nonetheless distinguishes them from “traditional” students in several dimensions.

The office will also serve as a forum for lectures and programs exploring the history and literature of war, including theater and the arts, and how living with war has shaped and today is shaping our society, economy, politics and culture.

Our office is very fortunate to have, as its primary partner and institutional host, the Pat Tillman Veterans Center and aims to complement its impressive services to veteran students and their dependents.

Mark von Hagen