The Office for Veteran and Military Academic Engagement (OVMAE) serves the Arizona State University community by promoting dialogue, teaching, and research that increases information, understanding, knowledge, and relationships among military, civilian, and academic cultures.

Our goal is to listen to veteran students, look for ways to connect them with faculty and other students and continue to learn where and how to build bridges between these different cultures. We welcome your suggestions and integration ideas and look forward to learning together and developing opportunities to serve one another and collaborate.

Photo of G. Vergara Calderon braiding child's hair, photo by Devin Mitchell, Veteran Vision Project

New course for Summer Session B: Representations and Self-Representations of Veterans in Media and the Arts (VTS/COM 302)
New Course for Fall Session A: Veterans, Society, and Service: America’s Experience of Modern War (VTS 301/ HST 300)

2018–9 Best for Vets

The Military Times Media Group announced that Arizona State University has been selected as one of its “Best for Vets” colleges for 2018–19, for the fourth year in a row.

To earn a place on the Best for Vets list, schools are evaluated with an in-depth 150-question survey designed to explore how institutions accommodate and benefit veterans, service members and their families.

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