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Veteran Vision Project

Arizona State University student and photographer Devin Mitchell created the Veteran Vision Project to capture the diversity of veterans and their experiences. His powerful photos, which have received significant national acclaim, contrast veterans in uniform and in poses that reflect their life after military service. Below are photos and stories of the 32 ASU veterans included in the project. We are pleased to announce that Devin Mitchell received a CLAS Dean's Student Success Award for Spring 2016. Funding for this award is provided through the generous philanthropic support of the ASU President’s Office and alumni and friends of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

Veteran Vision Project by Devin Mitchell captures the diversity of veterans and their experiences.


229: Jason Hodgson

I live my life according to spiritual standards and look at life through a spiritual perspective. Life was pretty easy and uncomplicated... Read more


235: Don Willoughby

Having served in the USAF for 23 years in aviation maintenance I decided to go back to school and finish my degree in air transportation... Read more


236: Phylicia Grant

My name is Phylicia Grant, I am 26 years old, and I am a native of Harlem, New York City. I graduated from high school in 2006 and I... Read more


237: Kyle Irwin

My name is Kyle Irwin and I am from Phoenix, Arizona. I am a combat veteran of the United States Marine Corps. My MOS, 6073 Ground... Read more


238: Donald Graap

I joined the Marine Corps in 2001 as a poolee a month prior to 9/11. I left for boot camp 6 days after high school graduation and after... Read more


239: Joanna Sweatt

In 1997, I was determined to become a Marine. So much so, that since my then-boyfriend—now husband—and I had our daughter, the only way... Read more


240: Jeramey Reamer

During my time in the Air Force, I had the best job you could ask for: Loadmaster on the C17. I am grateful for the opportunities I had... Read more


244: Breanna Adams

I knew when I was 10 years old I was meant to be in the military. From that point on until I was 18 and enlisted, I couldn’t wait to... Read more


247: Brittany Herbert

I believe that my life would have turned out much differently had I not joined the Air Force. Being surrounded by such a supportive... Read more


250: Jesse Orozco

In the service I was known as Orozco. To my family and friends I am known as Jesse. At home I am known as daddy and babe. This is the... Read more


254: Alvaro Hernandez

As the youngest of 15 children, my parents rarely spoke about the opportunity for me to attend college. Money was extremely tight as my... Read more


257: Mark Richards

All my life, I had a passionate dream to serve my country in the military. Unfortunately, I was small and unhealthy as a child. People... Read more


242: Kristi Garboushian

Over the last 24 years as a veteran in the civilian world, I’ve remarked many times that making the decision to join the military was... Read more


245: James Vujs

I am just a regular guy. I don’t wear the latest fashions. I don’t drive a flashy car. I prefer the greasy spoon over the trendiest... Read more


248: Cory Kamerschak

“When I first enlisted in 2009 I really loved being in the Air Force and was optimistic about making it a career. However, as time went... Read more


251: Paul Clevenger

Coming from small town Prescott, Arizona I joined the Marine Corps in 2007. I was sent to First Battalion First Marines whom I deployed... Read more


255: Heather Gerken

No narrative.


259: Lorenza Mitchell

No narrative.


243: Christopher Castillo

There is nothing special in particular about joining the military straight out of high school, however, it was important to be honest... Read more


246: James Gibbs

Retired CMSgt (E-9) and Fire Chief from the United States Air Force Reserves, 29 years of service (active duty and reserve combined).... Read more


249: Thomas and Trinh Tran

Thomas’s narrative: In the army I was a 19D Cav Scout that was attached to a Personal Security Detachment (PSD) during my deployment to... Read more


253: Jorge Arroyo

This is uncomfortable. Every time I am asked to write about myself I don’t know what to say because I’m still figuring a lot of things... Read more


256: Cheryl Rinehart

My military service occurred after 9/11, but I was inspired by the loss of a dear friend, Lance Corporal Barton J. Carroll, to serve. In... Read more


260: Keith Holland

No narrative.



261: Kevin Davies

Enlisted in the Marines in 2010 right after high school. Didn’t tell my parents and they had plans for me going to college. The original... Read more



262: Rebeccah Sinclair

Growing up the daughter of two retired Marines, when I decided to join the military in 2005 the Corps was the natural choice. I joined... Read more


263: Peter Valenzuela

I joined the United States Navy in 2006. I was one year removed from high school and really had no direction in my life at the time. My... Read more


265: Logan Tucker

When I saw the towers fall when I was 6 years old, I was scared, worried, confused and really pissed off. As soon I was 18, I enlisted... Read more


266: Gabriel McInnis

Since September 11, 2001, I always knew I had to do something. All throughout high school people would ask me what college I wanted to... Read more


267: Anthony Stockton

My name is Anthony Stockton. I am a senior here at ASU majoring in Justice Studies, with a minor in African-American Studies. I was born... Read more


294: Ed Logan

My “karma” with the military probably started the day I was born, April 20, 1941, in New York City. By that time Hitler had already... Read more


358: Chris Esperti

was born in Michigan and raised in Tempe, Arizona. My Navy career started in November of 1998 in Great Lakes, Illinois, attending Damage... Read more


429: Jonathon Chasteen

At 19 years old, without hesitation or even letting my family know, I joined the United States Marine Corps. I did not enlist for the... Read more


430: Anthony Lawrence

From the first time I saw a plane, I knew I wanted to fly one. What better way to do that, than by joining the Air Force. At the age of... Read more


431: Danielle Snyder

My name is Danielle and I joined the Air Force when I was 25 years old. For about three years I struggled with people telling me not to... Read more


432: Shawn W. Banzhaf

I have dedicated my life to service of my fellow man. I spent 21 years serving our great nation in the Army National Guard. During that... Read more


433: Wanda Wright

When I graduated from the United States Air Force Academy, I had no idea what my future held. I now know 30 years later that my life was... Read more


434: Tiffany Fisher

I'm currently serving as a first sergeant in the Arizona Army National Guard where I have proudly worn the military uniform for more... Read more


436: Gregg Maxon

After spending one year at Arizona State University I enlisted in the Army in May 1972 serving as a linguist for the Army Security... Read


438: Brett Hunt

I was lucky serve on active duty in the Army for four years. My family instilled in me the value of serving where you were needed. For... Read more

di muria

Michelle Di Muria

I am a graduate student at Arizona State University studying nonprofit management and leadership. Last year I began working on various... Read more


James Rush

The Peace Corps was in its first decade in 1968 when I served as a volunteer in Malaysia. At the time, Malaysia was even younger. It had... Read more


410: Patricia (Thomson) Little-Upah

My decision to become an Army nurse was made early in life. I looked up to my Mom who was a loving, resilient woman who was always there... Read more


Julia Tebben

When I worked as the Peace Corps Campus Recruiter at Arizona State University, students often asked about my favorite part of serving in... Read more


411: Terry Araman

The late 1960’s was a very tumultuous time for our nation, and as a recent high school graduate and college student, for me personally. ... Read more


   412: Mike Wold

   The Road to the US Navy

   I was born in February 1944 in Saint Paul, Minnesota, right in the middle of WWII. My dad... Read more


413: Joseph E. Brett

Twelve years ago, a counselor at the Prescott, Arizona VA asked if I could recall the day the war changed me, and in doing so, she... Read more


414: Norma Thelen

When we had Career Day at my high school in Minnesota, I always stopped by the Armed Services recruiting booths. The possibility of the... Read more


415: Joseph E. Abodeely

I was born and raised in Tucson, Arizona. In the early 1900s, my grandpa was a cavalry sergeant with General Pershing's punitive... Read more


417: Benjamin Vega

I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California in a predominately Hispanic community (East LA).  Through the sacrifices of our parents... Read more


417: Shirley McCoy Vega

I come from a large family in a small town in Southeastern Kansas. I had no plans to go to college and only knew I wanted get out of the... Read more


418: Eugene C. (Gene) Crego

Born in Glendale, California, in 1948, I served in the US Marine Corps including two tours in Vietnam, retiring a Gunnery Sergeant with... Read more


419: James Covarrubias

I served most of my military duty at Ft. Huachuca. There were painful and disturbing contacts with injured soldiers from Vietnam, their... Read more


420: Daniel Shilling

A native Pennsylvanian, I was “not college material” when I graduated high school in 1967 and was soon drafted. I enlisted in the US... Read more


421: Charles Osburn

My decision to join the marines came partly from growing up in the 1950's and 60's, being exposed to Audie Murphy and John Wayne war... Read more


422: David Lucier

I left Vietnam and the Army in December 1969 and headed home for the holidays. My family met me at the airport and greeted me with open... Read more


423: Atlas Reginald (Reggie) Yates

I was drafted into the Army in September 1966, during a period that saw a marked increase in ground troop strength in South East Asia.... Read more


Mick Shannon

Although Devin Mitchell intended to photograph Mick Shannon as part of ASU’s Veteran Vision Project 2017, the photography session did... Read more


354: Andrew Frye

I always wanted to be the guy who made a difference in people's lives. I saw college as the only pathway to that, until I decided to... Read more


355: Dan Piotrowski

My military service by the numbers – during 22 years in the United States Army, I served with countless numbers of brothers and sisters... Read more


356: Gildardo Vergara

My name is Gildardo Vergara Calderón and I am the son of immigrants. I was born in México City and immigrated to the Unites States at... Read more


357: Steve Weintraub

My name is Colonel Steve Weintraub. I enlisted in the Marine Corps Reserves while I was a student at ASU in 1987. While at ASU and after... Read more


359: Michelle Bravo

I have been burdened with feelings of guilt and shame from sexual trauma in my childhood and military career. The internal struggle of... Read more


360: Karen Gallagher

I am a U.S. Army Airborne veteran of Desert Shield and Desert Storm. That piece of my history, my military service, is inextricably... Read more


362: Joanna Elliott

I joined the Army in 2006. I was 20 years old at the time, and a mother to a 5-year-old son. Never in a million years did I think I... Read more


362: Michael Elliott

I can’t believe it has been five years since I left the Army. It has been a place that has helped to make me into the person that I am... Read more


363: Brandon Von Holten

I joined the Marine Corps straight out of high school for combat and adventure. I was an Infantry Marine from 2010-2014 with Golf 2/7... Read more


363: Marisa Von Holten

I was lucky enough to do what I signed up for. I served my country that I love deeply, I cared for the injured, I deployed and now I... Read more


364: Reid Buckley

I grew up in Kalispell, Montana and enlisted shortly after high school. I served in a combination of places including Japan, Afghanistan... Read more


365: Joshua Grzywa

For 15 years, I was honored to serve in the United States Army as an Infantryman. My assignments took me from our Nation’s Capital with... Read more


366: Kayla Colon

I joined the United States Navy when I was 17 years old, not knowing where it would take me. My time in service helped me discover who I... Read more


367: Nick Patterson

While many of my friends and family left for full-time Mormon missions, I left for the Army. In the Army, I was a Chaplain Assistant and... Read more


368: Sylvester Simons

MA1 Sylvester “Sly” Simons, United States Navy. I served 12+ years including four years as a part of Navy Special Reaction Team #2. I am... Read more


369: Tynisha Henry

I am a first-generation college student studying forensic science at Arizona State University. I grew up in the urban areas of Columbus... Read more


370: Drew Trojanowski

No narrative.


371: Erin Ellison

I am a Judge Advocate in the United States Army JAG Corps, Reserve Component. I serve as an Administrative Law Attorney with the 11th... Read more


372: Christian Hill

I decided to join the military because of my grandmother and my papa. They had a foundation in the military and were both in the... Read more

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