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Each semester we will have community engagement workshops that bring together veteran and military-affiliated students with Phoenix Poet Laureate and ASU Principal Lecturer Rosemarie Dombrowski.

These workshops are titled: Rebuilding Community, Healing the Self through Poetry and will enable them to therapeutic tools to assist them with self-expression.

Dombrowski works with students at both Arizona State University and the University of Arizona, as well as community members on the efficacy of poetry as a therapeutic tool, an augmentative medical treatment for the body, mind and spirit.

In her own words:

Ironically, many of my students experienced profound losses and crises last semester as well, and I think we became our own anecdotal study. I think we all realized how much we needed poetry. And it seems that every time I conduct a therapeutic poetry workshop at ASU or in the community, I see people not only composing and sharing poems that deal with trauma and pain, but striping away layers of themselves in front of strangers. And I see the healing that self-expression and vulnerability instigate, and it makes me feel like I’m contributing to the well-being of the community. But more generally speaking, I try to teach my students that poetry is a form of ethnography (i.e. cultural writing), that it’s a record of the myriad cultures that have produced it as well as a sociohistorical record of both facts and emotion, logos and pathos. It’s the only form of recorded history that speaks to us both lyrically and honestly.